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Wireless remote control function:Provides unprecedented operational convenience and flexibility. Users can control the unmanned snow removal equipment remotely without having to touch it directly, greatly enhancing user experience and safety. Eliminates the limitations and constraints of wires or cables, allowing users to operate freely over a wider area without the constraints of a fixed power source.

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Multi-functional design:This unmanned snow removal equipment is not only capable of precise lawn mowing, but is also equipped with snow shovelling, allowing users to effectively utilise this equipment in all seasons for different outdoor maintenance needs. This versatility makes the model much more competitive in the market and able to attract a wider user base.

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High efficiency and durability:High-quality construction and material selection ensure the stability and durability of the machine, which maintains excellent performance even under prolonged or intense use. Efficient cutting and snow shovelling capabilities enable outdoor maintenance tasks to be completed quickly, saving users’ time and effort.

Safety Enhancement:The unmanned snow removal equipment is designed with user safety in mind and is equipped with a variety of safety features, such as automatic shutdown protection and an emergency stop button, to prevent accidents caused by operating errors. Remote control operation also reduces the direct contact between the user and the unmanned snow removal equipment, further reducing the safety risk.

qauvVTLM 600VTLM 800VTW 500-90
tsav txojCrawlerCrawlerLub log
Cav / Fais fab224cc 4.5KW TSI452cc 9.2KW TSI224cc 4.5KW TSI
Txiav dav600mm800mm550mm
Adjustable Txiav Qhov siabYog, los ntawm tej thaj chaw debYog, los ntawm tej thaj chaw debYog, ntawm tes
Kev them nyiaj yug tus kheejYogYogYog
dimension1010 * 980 * 780mm1320 * 1260 * 720mm1050 * 900 * 590mm

Suitable for a wide range of environments:Whether it is a family yard or a large commercial place, or even a complex terrain, this machine is capable of handling it, and its versatility and adaptability make it able to meet the needs of different users. We are looking for agents, distributors and dealers of remote control lawn mower all over the world. If you have any further inquiries or require assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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