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MULTIFUNCTIONALITY: This remarkable cordless tracked lawn mower truly showcases its versatility. In the glorious seasons of spring and summer, it is capable of trimming lawn weeds with remarkable efficiency and swiftness, ensuring that the lawn remains impeccably tidy and beautiful. And when winter arrives and it is outfitted with a snow shovel, it can effortlessly remove snow and make the paths clear, greatly enhancing its practicality and overall value.

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Convenient Remote Control Operation: The advanced remote control design is truly a wonder. Cordless tracked lawn mower allows users to effortlessly control the traveling direction and mowing speed simply by using the remote control. During the cold winter months, users can take advantage of this convenience to remotely clear the snow while comfortably enjoying the warmth of indoors, significantly enhancing the levels of comfort and convenience.

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Energy-Saving: By making use of high-efficiency engine and blade technology, this cordless tracked lawn mower demonstrates low energy consumption. Not only does this mean saving energy and reducing the cost of use, but it also aligns perfectly with the concept of environmental protection and energy conservation, making it a truly eco-friendly choice.

Wide Application Range: This cordless tracked lawn mower is suitable for lawns and yards of all shapes and sizes, whether for domestic or commercial use. When armed with a snow shovel, it can even be utilized to remove snow from roads, car parks, and other public areas, effectively expanding its application scope to a remarkable degree.

qauvVTLM 600VTLM 800VTW 500-90
tsav txojCrawlerCrawlerLub log
Cav / Fais fab224cc 4.5KW TSI452cc 9.2KW TSI224cc 4.5KW TSI
Txiav dav600mm800mm550mm
Adjustable Txiav Qhov siabYog, los ntawm tej thaj chaw debYog, los ntawm tej thaj chaw debYog, ntawm tes
Kev them nyiaj yug tus kheejYogYogYog
dimension1010 * 980 * 780mm1320 * 1260 * 720mm1050 * 900 * 590mm

Safe and Reliable: Cordless tracked lawn mower clearly outshines traditional tools in terms of safety. Through the precise control of direction and speed via the remote control, accidents can be effectively avoided. Moreover, the design of the snow shovel also places a strong emphasis on safety and can be flexibly adjusted to meet the diverse needs of different occasions, ensuring its reliability and adaptability. We are looking for agents, distributors and dealers of remote control lawn mower all over the world. If you have any further inquiries or require assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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