RC crawler nyom mower ua los ntawm Vigorun Tech

Advanced Technology Perfected: Ntawm Vigorun Tech, our driverless RC crawler grass mower epitomize the zenith of wireless remote control and intelligent automatic control technologies, ensuring unrivaled stability and reliability. Combined with state-of-the-art grass cutting innovation, our products exemplify precision and peak performance.

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Versatile Application Scenarios: Beyond conventional lawn maintenance, our remote-controlled RC crawler grass mower excel in diverse landscapes, conquering gentle slopes, rugged terrains, wastelands, riverbanks, orchards, and football fields alike. Their adaptability and versatility shine across any environment.

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  • RC crawler nyom mower ua los ntawm Vigorun Tech
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Uncompromising Quality Assurance: Nrog rau cov zis txhua hli ntawm kwv yees li 200 units, txhua Vigorun Tech RC crawler grass mower undergoes meticulous indoor and field testing, adhering to rigorous quality standards to ensure optimal performance. They are ready for immediate deployment with utmost confidence.

Pioneering Research and Development: Setting ourselves apart from companies reliant on third-party products, Vigorun Tech leads in product innovation. We tailor development and production to meet market demands, consistently exceeding customer expectations.

qauvVTLM 600VTLM 800VTW 500-90
tsav txojCrawlerCrawlerLub log
Cav / Fais fab224cc 4.5KW TSI452cc 9.2KW TSI224cc 4.5KW TSI
Txiav dav600mm800mm550mm
Adjustable Txiav Qhov siabYog, los ntawm tej thaj chaw debYog, los ntawm tej thaj chaw debYog, ntawm tes
Kev them nyiaj yug tus kheejYogYogYog
dimension1010 * 980 * 780mm1320 * 1260 * 720mm1050 * 900 * 590mm

Tus nqi sib tw yam tsis muaj kev cuam tshuam: Los ntawm kev ua kom zoo ntawm cov khoom lag luam thiab kev nkag siab tob txog kev lag luam, Vigorun Tech offers competitive pricing without sacrificing quality or performance. We deliver exceptional value, enhancing our customers’ experience. We are looking for agents, distributors and dealers of remote control lawn mower all over the world. If you have any further inquiries or require assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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