remote control track chassis (RTC100)


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DIY Remote control crawler chassis brushless motor 4km/h walking speed

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1) Beautiful
The remote control chain chassis is beautiful in appearance. The fuselage is large, and the space reserved for development is sufficient.
2) Strong
The frame of the fuselage is reinforced to prevent deformation and displacement.
The track is 15cm wide and capable of working in muddy, rough, and sloping environments.
3) Mature technology
This product is modified on the basis of our very mature remote control lawn mower, an economical chassis product.
It adopts the mature walking motor controller on our remote control lawn mower, which has the characteristics of sensitive response and fast response speed.
The built-in smart chip can intelligently detect the current and heating conditions, which can ensure stable use all year round.
And it has a slow start function, the operation is smooth, and there will be no frustration when accelerating or decelerating suddenly.
4) Scalability
Equipped with a function expansion HUB, which can control additional 4 channels, it can easily control and expand other functions required by customers without professional remote control knowledge.
On the basis of our chassis, you can freely add other functional modules to create a new vehicle that meets your own needs.

Walking Speed: 0~4km/h
Working Temperature: -20~55°
Min Ground Clearance: 150mm
Remote Control Range: 200m

Walking Motor
Motor Type: Brushless electric traction
Voltage / Power: 24V / 500W
Reduction Ratio:40:1
Rotating Speed: 75RPM
Output Torque: 37Nm

Rubber Track
Width: 150mm
Pitch: 60mm
Links: 32

Driving Wheel
Pitch: 60mm
Tooth Number: 11

Battery: 24V 20Ah

Remote Control Channel: 7
Extended Controllable Channel: 4

Rated Payload: 100kg
Truck Bed: 695*595*175mm

Machine Size: 960*930*580mm
Machine Weight: 110kg

Package Size: 1000*970*7250mm
Gross Weight: 140kg


Additional information

Weight 140 kg
Dimensions 100 × 97 × 72 cm