Shock-absorbing Suspension Remote Control Tank Robot Chassis (RTC300)


US Dollar FOB Qingdao, China
Remote chassis for DIY enthusiasts, rated payload 300kg, FPV(optional), 55 degrees slope capable

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1) Stylish Design
The external profile and lines of the chassis are professionally designed, simple yet stylish, suitable for direct use or modification into other high-end vehicles.
2) FPV Capability(optional)
The remote controller comes with a built-in camera and LED lights, allowing users to observe the front view of the vehicle on the controller’s screen and fulfill nighttime operational needs.
3) Enhanced Suspension
Equipped with eight shock absorber springs, providing excellent shock absorption capabilities. Allows for easy navigation over ditches, swamps, steep slopes, wastelands, and more.
4) Lightweight and Durable Construction:
The drive wheels, suspension wheels, and driven wheels are all made of nylon, ensuring a lightweight yet sturdy and durable build. The frame is designed for strength, aesthetics, durability, and high expandability.
5) Servo Motors
Servo motors ensure high torque output, high-temperature resistance, and precise synchronization on both sides with a professional controller. Features electronic brake function for slope stops, preventing slippage.
6) Worm Gear Mechanism
Capable of withstanding high torque and offering high reduction ratios. Automatically holds position on slopes to prevent slippage.
7) Expandable Functionality
Equipped with a standard function expansion module that can control an additional 4 channels, allowing for the addition of other functional modules to create a customized vehicle.

Walking Speed: 0~2.5km/h
Working Temperature: -20~55°
Min Ground Clearance: 170mm
Remote Control Range: 200m

Walking Motor
Motor Type: Brushless electric traction
Voltage / Power: 48V / 1000W
Reduction Ratio:30:1
Rotating Speed: 70RPM
Output Torque: 138Nm

Rubber Track
Width: 150mm
Pitch: 60mm
Links: 47

Driving Wheel
Pitch: 60mm
Tooth Number: 10

Battery: 48V 20Ah(optional)

Remote Control Channel: 7
Extended Controllable Channel: 4

Rated Payload: 300kg

Machine Size: 1280*900*570mm
Machine Weight: 165kg

Package Size: 1360*980*720mm
Gross Weight: 190kg


Additional information

Weight 190 kg
Dimensions 136 × 98 × 72 cm



Steel & rubber


Remote control


Custom colors are available for bulk orders.