Ackerman steering one-key re-centering remote control wheeled chassis (RWC500)


US Dollar FOB Qingdao, China
Remote chassis for DIY enthusiasts, rated payload 500kg,
Length, width, height, and payload customizable.

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1) Ackermann Steering
Ackermann steering offers improved maneuverability and cornering stability by ensuring that all wheels track different paths during turns, reducing tire wear and enhancing vehicle control.
2) Solid Tires
Solid tires of 400-6, are durable and wear-resistant, eliminating concerns of punctures and the need for frequent replacements or repairs.
3) One-Key Re-Centering
A one-key re-centering feature ensures easy realignment to the forward direction, reducing remote control complexity.
4) Multi-Gear Selection
Offering multiple gears for both forward and reverse, catering to diverse operational requirements.
5) Heavy-duty Rear Axle
Rear axle assembly engineered for high-load capacities, boasting substantial torque output and exceptional weight-bearing capabilities.
Integrated seamlessly with a brushless electric motor, the rear axle ensures outstanding power response during vehicle startup and acceleration.
6) Compact Design
Compact body design allows easy passage through narrow 90cm doorways.
7) Customization Options
Tailored chassis products are available to meet specific customer requirements regarding load capacity, width, length, and etc.

Walking Speed: 0~4km/h
Working Temperature: -20~55°
Min Ground Clearance: 60mm
Remote Control Range: 200m

Walking Motor
Motor Type: Brushless electric traction
Voltage / Power: 48V / 650W

Wheel: 400-6 solid tire
Battery: 48V 20Ah (optional)

Rated Payload: 500kg
Wheelbase: 920mm
Front Track: 710mm
Rear Track: 705mm
Overlay Panel: 1200*800mm

Machine Size: 1200*800*390mm
Gross Weight: 95kg
Machine Weight: 110kg (with optional batteries)

Package Size: 1280*880*570mm
Gross Weight: 120kg
Gross Weight: 145kg (with optional batteries)


Additional information

Weight 120 kg
Dimensions 128 × 88 × 57 cm



Steel & rubber


Remote control


Custom colors are available for bulk orders.